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To register your child for camp please visit the enroll now page and fill out the online registration form, a deposit is due at this time and can be paid by echeck, credit card or check sent in the mail. This process reserves a tentative place for your child. An interview will then be arranged so we can meet your child and determine eligibility for Lee Mar. We want to make sure that Camp Lee Mar will be the best fit for your child. Before the interview takes place you will be asked to fill out a camper background form online and to submit your child’s I.E.P., along with any other reports you feel would be helpful. All of this information helps us to group your camper with children of similar ages, abilities and to individualize each program. Development of the whole child is our goal. We work hard at improving the daily living, social, and life skills of our campers, while giving them the happiest summer of their lives!

Once we have a completed registration form, deposit and background information (I.E.P., Camper Background Form, Reports etc) the interview will take place. This informal meeting allows us to meet your child and answer any questions they may have. It also gives us time for detailed discussions concerning:

  • The camp program
  • The camper’s areas of strength and areas of need that can be addressed during the summer program
  • Parental input and questions
  • A review of all documentation received

If at this interview, or up to 3 days after, it is determined by the admissions director or the family that Camp Lee Mar is not suitable for your child your deposit will be refunded in full. An initial deposit is needed to hold a tentative place for your child as Camp Lee Mar receives many more inquiries than we have openings. If you would like to talk with us further before beginning the registration process please contact us and we will happily answer any questions you may have regarding the program, or your child’s potential enrollment.

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